Making the decision to sell your family home can be a positive, yet overwhelming time.  I find most Real Estate agents only focus on selling the house, and you’re left to sort out all the individual parts (like dealing with your stuff) on your own.  For many of my clients, family is not able to help - which is where I come in.  

That’s why I created a specialty Real Estate practice  - my goal for you and your family is to have a great experience tailored to your needs with minimal stress.

As a professional, I saw a great need for someone who can put together all the parts of the puzzle to make the transition a smooth one.  I have spent years at this to be the best, from extensive training and researching great options for your next move to developing a team of trusted & reasonably priced  professionals to support you at every stage of the process.  Call me and we can have a chat over coffee (or tea) and put together a plan that works for you.
Here are some services I offer: