By: Sue Anfang

From Floating Homes to tiny lots - the most unusual properties in Scarborough

Tags: From Floating Homes to tiny lots - the most unusual properties in Scarborough

Poking around on MLS as well as viewing a LOT of homes,  I have across some unusual properties, (mainly bad photography, but also some head scratchers....) so I thought I would find out what the most unusual properties sold recently in Scarborough.  From Victora Park to the Rouge, here are some highlights: 

1.  Floating Homes

Did you know there is a vibrant community of floating homes in Bluffers Park?  This gorgeous floating home sold for over $1m, but most sell in the mid $500,000 range.  You have to arrange special financing, but what a lifestyle!!

2. Tiny Homes

Checking in with a width of only 13 ft, this 2 bedroom home is within walking distance to the Victoria Park Subway.   Good thing, because there's no private parking.  This petite beauty sold in 2016 for $420,000.?

3. Major Mansions

On the opposite side of the spectrum are the mansion and estate properties along the magnificent Scarborough Bluffs.  This beauty at 48 Meadowcliff Drive is on a whopping 712 foot deep lot overlooking Lake Ontario and sold last year for $3.7 million dollars, making it the most expensive Scarborough property to date.   The land tranfer tax alone, which rang in at $157,950 would buy you almost 3 of the next properties....

4. Least expensive property to sell in the past year

Bargain hunting? This 2 bedroom condo was a bank sale last year for $57,100, making it the least expensive property to sell last year in Scarborough.   This complex on Lawrence remains a great deal for bargain hunters with most 3 bedrooms listed under $200,000.   The catch?  Some underfunded maintenance and repairs have made the monthly fees relatively high, but the work is almost done so the fees should level out.  Low property taxes & an outdoor pool make this West Hill complex a great value!

6.  Contemporary Architecture

Love it or hate it, contemporary architecture has made it's way to Scarborough.  This stunning example is nestled in the established neighbourhood of Scarborough Village.  Designed by an award winning developer this gorgeous home is on the market now.  For slightly over $1.5 million you could be living the dream!

7. Country Living

This brings us to our last home.  I see a lot of descriptions of "country living in the city"  But nothing beats this home, which is still on Septic and Well water, making it a true country property!  On the market now - it's on Brimley Rd.  This is one of 2 homes on septic that have been on the market in the last year!

To find your dream home - give me a call and I'll search high and low for the unique property to call your own!